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Chocolate 101 – A Simple Guide With Brief Explanation About Chocolate And Its History

Before understanding anything about the chocolate world, you should first know where it came from exactly. Let’s take a look at the origin of chocolate.


The history of chocolate started from the Latin American soil and dates back to 1000 BC. Cacao trees are found abundantly growing in Latin America, and people called it by the name “kakawa”, which later became cocoa.

Mayans inherited the land later in the 250 AD, and history states that they were quite fond of the flavour that chocolate added for their food items. It even states that it was Mayans who actually brought the idea of cocoa flavour to the world of recipes in the kitchen. Some even states that the cocoa beans were used as a form of currency in the Mayan era.


Selecting the Chocolate

The taste of chocolate has created a revolution in the world of sweeteners today. Many recipes are being created and even altered so that the cocoa flavour can be added to it. If you are looking for a chocolate to enjoy the taste of cocoa, then here are some things that you should consider.

  • Check the ingredients with which the chocolate was actually prepared.
  • There are actually different kinds of cocoa that is added to the chocolate while preparing one. They are cocoa solids, cocoa liquor, cocoa mass, and so on.

  • Molasses, sugar and even cane juice are some of the substitutes that are usually added to bring out a wonderful flavour in cocoa.
  • Check whether the chocolate has cocoa butter as an added ingredient in it, especially in the dark chocolates.

Vanilla is an added flavour for chocolates today. It is usually considered as an optional ingredient, and hence not all bulk chocolate specialists prefer it in their products.

Sometimes the percentage of the cocoa flavour will decide the taste of the chocolate that is feasted upon your taste buds. The higher presence of cocoa in the chocolate will automatically reduce the sweetness of the product, and this factor makes dark chocolate the most opted sweetener by many people today.

When choosing the right chocolate, the final thing that you should give importance to is the type of sweetener that you are actually planning to prepare. For instance, if your preference is a chocolate cake or pastry, then there are different kinds of cocoa that can be of great addition in your recipe. The same goes for a plated dessert or simple chocolate too.

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