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Live lambs for sale from Romania

No wonder why the Lamb meat is so good considering the fact that provides a lot of benefits to the health. To function properly, the entire body needs high-quality protein and plenty of vitamins and minerals. The consumers of the Lamb enjoy this type of red meat – which can be cooked in many ways – and choose to eat because it contains many elements essential for the health of the human body.

If you are not so convinced about the benefits of the Lamb on your health, you can take a look at this list where you’ll find the vitamins and minerals contained in the meat:

Vitamin B12

We know that the activity of the brain and the blood need large amounts of Vitamin B12. There are several studies and researches which show that lack of Vitamin B12 may cause anaemia and neurological damage.


Studies show that the low status of the selenium is being related often with an increased risk of mortality. Besides, selenium has a positive effect on male fertility.


The consumption of zinc is recommended for the development of the hormones such as insulin and testosterone. People who eat Lamb regularly can absorb much better this substance than if they adopt vegan diets.

Niacin – Vitamin B3

The risk of heart disease is linked often with the lack of niacin which can be found in vitamin B3. Besides, the vitamin B3 can increase memory power, optimizes the activity of the brain, improves the digestion.


This type of red meat has an important component which can improve the good functions of the body. Phosphorus manages how the body stores and uses the energy, mantains the health of teeth and also increases the bone strenght.

Raising sheep and lambs

The quality of the grass is very important for the development of the sheep. It seems that lambs are the only farm animals that can be put to pasture alone. If they are in the process of weaning they should be isolated from the mother.

The lambs and sheep need to have fresh and clean water. Also, there are recommended legume-grass mixtures in order to assure the amounts needed for vitamins and minerals.

The youth of the lambs and the nutritional needs

Due to their smaller blood capacity, lambs need various type of grass and regular worming because they are more exposed to internal parasites. Yearlings are one to two years old, and ewes are minimum two years.

In general, the nutritional requirements of the sheep should be different in many times of the year depending on the situation. So in order to prevent obesity at some sheep and starvation at others, the food requirements need a special attention.

The environment and the status of health

The conditions where the lambs were raised are strongly related to the health’s status of animals. So if you want to find baby lambs for sale at good prices and raised in favourable conditions, you should look on the market in order to find the best offer.

Romania occupies the third position regarding sheep breeding in the European Union, after UK and Spain. The country offers a proper environment and provides excellent conditions for breeding sheep. More than that, people who live there are not regular consumers of Lamb and for this reason, Romanians are ready to export every year approximate more than 1 million heads of sheep.

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